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If you are interested in a NFA Trust and how you can legally purchase NFA regulated items, call me or email me and i will be happy to tailor a trust for your specific needs.

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Consult with Attorney Sean Cody for NFA trust: 

1.   Never send the original Trust to the BATFE

​2.  Never send rounds through your suppressor without checking that the bore is clear before mounting and after mounting.

​3.  If you have one of the new modular suppressors that have interchangeable endcaps: Ensure that you do not have too small of an endcap on the end of the suppressor to allow the projectile to pass safely. "this includes making sure you have the correct caliber end cap installed if the suppressor is modular"

4.  Never use a suppressor on a barrel that is shorter than it is rated for.

​5.  DO NOT fire a projectile aka Bullet through a suppressor that is loarger than the caliber or the bore diameter of the suppressor.

6.  DO Not use a suppressor on a cartridge that is more powerful than the suppressor is rated for.  For example,

      A.  5.7x28 fits in an aluminum Warlock just fine but will blow up the can.

      B.  5.56mm/.223 will pass through a SWR Spectre but the pressure will result in

           catastrophic failure of the suppressor.

​7.  Never loan a title II weapon (a weapon that is regulated by the NFA) to a person who is not authorized to possess it.

8.  Never use a crush washer with suppressor or suppressor mount.

9.  Never laminate your original paper forms that have the actual stamp attached (not applicable for eForms)

10.  Never travel interstate with an SBR/SBS/MG/DD without an approved 5320.20

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