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How To Complete a Form 4 Transfer to a Trust

Texas NFA Gun Trust in Houston and Across the State of Texas!!

This section explains the steps you will have to take complete the form 4 transfer to your Texas gun Trust:  

Step 1: Create your trust, have it notarized

Find the Declaration of Trust - Sign it once as Settlor and once as Trustee on Page 23 or 24 and notarize both signatures.
Execute your Texas Gun Trust.  If you have any questions, call or email me.  I am here to assist you.

The signatures on your Texas Gun Trust must be notarized. After having your trust notarized, make several copies of the Notarized trust. Store the original Trust document in a safe place.  I recommend a three ring binder in your gun safe or safe deposit box. NEVER send the original Trust to the ATF. The BATFE WILL NOT return the Trust documents you send them. Therefore, ONLY send copies.

Step 2: Sign BOTH Form 4 forms

TWO Form 4s with original signatures of the dealer (Transferor) and your Original signatures!
On the back of each Form 4, you need to sign your name, followed by ", Trustee", and date, in box 15. So the bottom of box 15 should look like:

your Signature, Trustee 1/1/2016

Step 3: Make out the check
Make a check payable to BATFE for $200.00. You may send a Money Order.  I suggest that you obtain a checking account in the name of the trust.

A personal check will let you know when the BATFE has cashed the check. You must put the serial number onto the face of the check. The serial number can be found on the front of the Form 4, in box 4.g. Make out a separate check for each NFA item being transferred.

Step 4: Assemble the forms
The final packet ready to mail is as follows. Do this for each NFA item being transferred. Staple it all together, in this order:

Check payable to BATFE for $200.00.
Form 4, signed original [no photocopied signatures!]
Form 4, signed original [no photocopied signatures!]
One COPY of your entire, executed, Texas Gun Trust (including the schedule of Property),

Staple the form 4s, the certificate of compliance, the check and the trust together and mail to the BATFE. 

 Step 5: Mailing the forms
The packet should be mailed to the following.

NFA Branch
P O Box 530298
Atlanta, GA 30353-0298

Ignore the Chicago address on the top of the Form 4 that is obsolete:

Step 6: Wait!

The examiners at the NFA Branch generally take anywhere from Eight to Sixteen weeks. Use this time to thread barrels, install mounting devices, stock up on subsonic ammo, etc.

Forms come to the dealer
Make sure your dealer has your most current contact information.   This includes your current phone number and email address.  I recommend that you use a personal email instead of your work email  Your dealer will contact you when the Form 4s come back. The forms will be mailed to your dealer when they're approved.

If a form 4 is rejected due to an error. The forms will be returned to your dealer. 

Your dealer is the Transferee.  The dealer WILL contact you when your forms are returned.

Please call or email me if you have any questions. Thank you for your business!Type your paragraph here.