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Form 5: Application for Tax Exempt Transfer and Registration of Firearm

Filed by a qualified Federal firearms licensee for the transfer of NFA firearms to a government agency ATF E-Form 5320.20

Form 2:  Form 2, Notice of Firearms Manufactured or Imported

Filed by a qualified manufacturer or importer to register NFA firearms manufactured or imported

Form 4:  Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm (ATF Form 5320.4)

Form 3   Application for Tax-Exempt Transfer of Firearm and Registration to Special Occupational Taxpayer (National Firearms Act)    Form 3 is for tax free dealer to dealer transfer.

​ATF E-Form 3 (5320.3) 

ATF Form 20 – 5320.20 Application to Transport NFA Firearms

Texas NFA Gun Trust

by Sean Cody, Attorney

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The BATFE uses forms to document the manufacture and transfer of 

Form 1:  "Form 1" refers to the ATF application to make and register a firearm, specifically one that requires registration per the National Firearms Act. This is the form you would fill out and submit to the ATF if you are "making" an NFA item.

​Form 1, Application to Make and Register a Firearm

Filed to request permission to make and register a National Firearms Act firearm

May only be submitted in eForms by a legal entity or government agency