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How to fill out an FD-258LE Fingerprint Card

Credit to Big Waylon on 68forums.  used with permission.

This info was gathered from several sources.

1.  FBI document titled Guidelines For Preparation of Fingerprint cards 

2.  A member on 68Forums that has successfully submitted prints he rolled 30+ times without a rejection.

You may order the fingerprint cards for free here.

You will need to fill out your info, then check the box for Fingerprint Cards.

Once you check the box, enter your quantity and select FBI FD-258LE NFA, Imports ORI WVATF0800.

Don’t click ‘Add an item’, just click Preview and then Submit.

Use quality ink. Sirchie ink pads are some of the most highly recommended. You can also order a card holder to make things go easier.

I’m going to do a quick version using an example I filled out, followed by a more detailed version from the FBI, which also has a better pic of the card. (I’m writing with red ink just to make it easier to see…but you’ll need to use black or blue)

1. leave blank
2. sign
3. enter your address
4. enter date printed
5. sign
6. enter “Self” and your address again
7. enter reason; some examples from those with approved cards are “NFA”, “NFA Transfer” (for F4), “NFA Application” (for F1), “Form 1”, and “Form 4”
8. enter Last Name, First Name and Middle Name
9. enter aliases or leave blank
10. enter your Citizenship (U.S. is proper format based on FBI guide)
11. leave blank
12. leave blank
13. leave blank
14. enter your SSN (optional)
15. leave blank
16. should have the NFA ORI stamped
17. leave blank
18. enter your date of birth, in MM DD YYYY format
19. enter your sex (M/F…or see info in FBI guide below)
20. enter your race (see list in FBI guide below if needed)
21. enter height in feet and inches (format info in FBI guide below)
22. enter weight in pounds
23. enter eye color (see list in FBI guide below)
24. enter hair color (see list in FBI guide below)
25. enter place of birth (state, territory, province or country)
26. leave blank
27. provide prints…roll the individual prints in rows 1-2 and press the ones in the 3rd row, as seen below

the detailed Instructions below are straight from the FBI guide linked above

Data fields preceded by an asterisk (*) must be completed in order for a fingerprint card to be processed by the FBI. However, all data fields are important and should be completed if the information is known. Also, the
National Crime Information Center (NCIC) Code Manual can be used as a reference for codes of various fields.

1. *Name (NAM) Block
Enter the name obtained from the subject in this field. Abbreviations are not to be used for any part of the name. This format is last name followed by a comma (,) first and middle name, if any. Suffixes denoting seniority (i.e. Jr., Sr., III, etc.) should follow the middle or first name. Do not obstruct this area by using stamps, labels, holes or staples where the name has been printed.
2. Signature and residence of Person Fingerprinted Block
Obtain the signature of the person being fingerprinted, in ink. Also, enter the residential address of the person being fingerprinted.
3. Aliases (AKA) Block
Enter other names used by the subject that are different than the name entered in the “NAM” block #1. Also list the signature name as an AKA if different than the name that appears in the “NAM” block. Maiden names and all previous married names of females should be entered in the AKA field, if known.
4. *Originating Agency Identifier (ORI) Block
If the ORI number is not preprinted by the FBI, enter the ORI number, agency name, city and state. Each agency is assigned its own unique ORI number. If you do not have an ORI number, you can contact your NCIC Control Terminal Officer (CTO), and an ORI number will be assigned to your agency. Federal agencies should contact their Federal Service Coordinator to obtain an ORI number.
5. *Date of Birth (DOB) Block
Enter the DOB in month, day, year format (i.e. MM/DD/YYYY). If a complete DOB is not known, enter approximate age followed by the statement “YEARS OF AGE”. Fingerprint cards of person 99 years old or older are not processed by the FBI; they will be rejected.
6. Citizenship (CTZ) Block
Enter “U.S.” if the subject is a citizen of the United States; otherwise, enter the appropriate country. Use the correct abbreviation for foreign countries or correctly spell the name of the country. A list of approved abbreviations can be found in the NCIC Code Manual. “YES” or “NO” responses are not acceptable.
7. *Sex (SEX) Block
Sex must be indicated by either “F” (female) or “M” (male). See Sex Code Table below for additional codes.
8. Race (RAC) Block
Race must be indicated by using the Race Code decision chart below
9. Height (HGT) Block
Height must be expressed in feet and inches. Fractions of an inch should be rounded off to the nearest inch. Inches less than ten should be preceded by a zero.
For example, five feet four inches should be submitted as “504” and six feet even would be “600”.
10. Weight (WGT) Block
Weight must be expressed in pounds. Fractions of a pound should be rounded off to the nearest pound.
11. Eye (EYE) Color Block
Indicate eye color by entering one of the codes from the eye color decision chart below.
12. Hair (HAI) color Block
Indicate hair color by entering one of the codes from the hair color decision chart below.
13. Place of Birth (POB) Block
Enter the subject’s state, territorial possession, province (Canadian), or country of birth. Use the correct abbreviation for foreign countries or correctly spell the name of the country. A list of approved abbreviations can be found in the NCIC Code Manual. Do not list a county as a POB.
14. Originating Case Agency/Local Agency Identification Reference (OCA/LIR)
Enter your agency’s identification or case number for the subject. The OCA must not exceed twenty (20) alphanumeric characters.
15. FBI Number (FBI) Block
Enter the assigned FBI Number for the subject, if known.
16. Armed Forces Number (MNU) Block
Enter Armed Forces number, if known.
17. Social Security Number (SOC) Block
Enter the subject’s Social Security number, if known.
18. Miscellaneous Number (MNU) Block
The MNU is an identifying number associated with the subject such as U.S. Military Service Number, Passport Number, etc. Enter the MNU and indicate the description according to the decision chart on page 40.
19. Date Fingerprinted Block
Enter the date the subject was fingerprinted in month, day, year format (i.e. MM/DD/YYYY).
20. Signature of Official Taking Fingerprints Block
Enter the signature or name of the official taking fingerprints. Also list the official’s ID number if applicable.
21. Employer and Address Block
Enter the subject’s potential employer and address of that employer.
22. Reason Fingerprinted Block
Miscellaneous Applicant: Fingerprint cards are submitted when a person is applying for law enforcement/criminal justice background checks. Clearly state the position and or agency as applicable such as: Law Enforcement Officer, Corrections Officer, NCIC Terminal Operator, etc.
Applicant User Fee: Fingerprint cards are submitted when a person is applying for a non-law enforcement position and needs a background check completed as part of the hiring/licensing process (i.e. teacher, day care provider, school bus driver, racing commission, liquor license, etc.). Non-Federal Applicant User Fee fingerprint card submissions are governed by state statutes. A statute must be included in the Reason Fingerprinted block and coincide with the literal (i.e. Pharmacists B&PC 4345, Notaries Public Gov C 82141, AS 13.08.015 Permit for School Bus Driver).
23. *Fingerprint Impressions Block (Individual & Simultaneous)
Care should be taken to roll the fingers from nail to nail when taking the individual finger impressions. This will help ensure legibility. Roll the prints in the correct sequence code (note the right and left hand designations in the finger blocks) and obtain simultaneous plain “flat” impressions at 45 degree angles that do not extend up into the rolled impressions. Indicate amputated fingers, tip-amputated, transplanted toes/fingers, missing at birth, deformed, bandaged, scars, etc., in the appropriate finger block(s).