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How to fill out a 5320.23 (RPQ)[/b] (will only be necessary if applicant is not an individual)


You’ll need two copies of this form filled out for each RP, as well as two completed FD-258 fingerprint cards. (notice one copy says ATF Copy in the footer, and the other says CLEO Copy)

6. Answer questions 6a-6h using Yes/No boxes. Definitions are provided on the following pages if needed

3e. Affix photo on the ATF Copy only

4a. Enter type of firearm from item 4b of the F1/F4/F5

4b. Enter name and address from item 4a of the F1/F4/F5

4c. Enter model from item 4d of the F1/F4/F5

4d. Enter the caliber/gauge from item 4c of the F1/F4/F5

4e. Enter the serial number from item 4g of the F1/F4/F5

7a. Check appropriate box.

7b & 7c. Check Yes/No as appropriate

7d1. Check Yes/No as appropriate

7d2. If 7d1 was “yes”, check Yes/No, otherwise check N/A

8. Answer if appropriate, otherwise leave blank

CERTIFICATION. Responsible Person must sign and date.


Actions to take:

1. Mail CLEO Copy (no photo) of the RPQ to the CLEO listed in item 5. No fingerprint cards are sent to the CLEO.

2. The ATF Copy (with photo attached) needs to be sent with the F1/F4/F5 to the ATF, along with the two FD-258 Fingerprint cards. This goes for every person considered an RP, including the person submitting the F1/F4/F5.

1. Check box to indicate which ATF form is being filed

2. Enter the info from the F1 (item 3b), F4 (item 2a) or F5 (item 2a)

3a. Name and Home Address of RP

3b. RP’s Telephone number

3c. RP’s email address

3d. RP’s other names used, including maiden name

5. Enter the information for the CLEO that has jurisdiction in the RP’s location (not necessarily the same info that’s in the CLEO Notification section of the F1/F4/F5). Remember, this can be a state level employee.